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Premium brand of platform shoes established in Barcelona and produced in Alicante, Spain. AFT-R is committed with diversity and celebrates all kind of identities. Eccentricity, comfort and durability are the starting points for our designs.

We design for folks who like to live on the edge, for those who defy the norm. Beings who are true to themselves and question social standards. “Why? (& Why not?)” We love platforms because they offer you a wider perspective of the World, allowing you to fly as high as you want. AFT-R is an exciting journey, a trip we’re on that we don’t want to jump off.

Eric & Ale (AFT-R Founders)


Our handcrafted platforms have been designed by AFT-R Barcelona and developed exclusively for us with three different finishes combined: covered, painted and injected.

The upper part of the sole is where the craftsmanship resides, it can be covered with all kind of materials, which offers full versatility to the final product.

Right below the first sole we just mentioned, there’s a central piece that is hand painted. A wavy line that unites the handcraft world and the sporty aspects of the platform.

The dynamism of the platform is found in the sole of injected TPU. The curves and lines of this last piece offer a natural movement to the platform facilitating a firm step that drives the foot forward.


AFT-R does not work in collections but capsules: limited editions that we will present throughout the year independently of the fashion industry calendar.

AFT-R (norma) is the answer to a long process of work and introspection until being able to create the platform of our dreams: dynamic, hybrid, comfortable and with an identity of its own. This first capsule reflects who we are, people with their feet on the ground that constantly challenge established norms. The result is an eclectic product that unifies functionality and eccentricity.

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