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Press Clippings Year 1 Paper

“Fashion We Produce” VEIN Magazine No.14, Sep 2019, p-24. Photo: Aitana Valencia, Stylist: Judit Melis - AFT-R: Sol CANDY

“Woke Up Like This” iMirage Magazine #528, Nov 2019. Photo: Pierre Navy, Stylist: Judit Melis - AFT-R: Alex POSE

Risbel Magazine #13, Invierno 2019-20. Photo: Amílcar Lusinchi, Stylist: Alberto Murtra - AFT-R: Leo BLACKOUT

CLIENT Style Magazine #22, Feb 2020. Photo: Marc Medina, Stylist: Juan Camilo Rodríguez - AFT-R: Sol POSE

“Nomad’s March” ELLE Slovenjia, Sep-Oct 2020. Photo: Mariona Illas, Stylist: Juliet Pietrocola - AFT-R: Alex RAVE

“KANON - Starring Itziar Castro” GOAT Magazine N.2, Fall-Winter 2020. Photo: Iris Valles, Stylist: Emma del Hoyo - AFT-R: Sol CANDY

“La Nueva Sofia Coll” NEO2 N.170, Sep-Oct 2020, p-20. Photo: Marc G Camps, Stylist: Oriol Robert - AFT-R: Sol POSE

“Crecer Con Referentes - ft. Putochinomaricón” VOGUE Spain N.392, Oct 2020, p-79. Photo: Zazi White, Stylist: Putochinomaricón - AFT-R: Alex POSE

“Techno Princess” NIKKOU Magazine N.3, Oct 2020, p-71-75. Photo: Kendra Storm Rae, Stylist: Jana Mello - AFT-R: Sol CANDY & Alex POSE

“Desert Rose” SLIMI Magazine, The Culture Issue, Oct 2020, p-193. Photo: Fernando Gomez, Stylist: Alex Montoya - AFT-R: Alex RAVE

“Sunday Morning” NEO2 N.171, Nov-Dec 2020, p-158. Photo: Angel Jiménez, Stylist: Sergio Sojo - AFT-R: Leo BLACKOUT

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