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Press Clippings Year 1 Digital

“Neo-Romanticismo” NEO2 Online, Nov 15th 2019. Photo: José Martinez, Stylist: Apolonio - AFT-R: Leo BLACKOUT & Sol CANDY

“Please Come Back” Pansy Mag Online, Nov 27th 2019. Photo & Styling: Héctor Tre - AFT-R: Alex POSE & Sol POSE

“METROPOLIS” BLANC Magazine Online, Dec 7th 2019. Photo: Ludovica Formisano, Styling: Lupe Galinarez - AFT-R: Sol CANDY & POSE & Alex DIVA

“Starschnitt und Poster” NYLON Germany, Dec 17th 2019. Photo: Marina Vengut, Styling: Francisco Ugarte - AFT-R: Alex CLUB

“Comeback Kid” HERDES Magazine, Jan 14th 2020. Photo: Celeste Galanda, Styling: Francisco Ugarte - AFT-R: Sol BLACKOUT

“So Close to the Light” The Pink Prince Magazine, Feb 11th 2020. Photo: Vinyet Feliubadaló, Stylist: Kwame Sekko - AFT-R: Alex RAVE

“Tu no eres activista - ft. Putochinomaricón” METAL Magazine, Feb 19th 2020. Photo: Eva San Juan - AFT-R: Leo RAVE

“As Far As I Could Get” DNA Mag México, Mar 2nd 2020. Photo: Enric Virgili, Styling: Tania Morenilla - AFT-R: Alex CLUB & Sol CANDY

“The Mask Behind The Mask” Kaltblut Magazine, Mar 13th 2020. Photo: Arden, Styling: Rocco Marvin - AFT-R: Alex DIVA & POSE & Sol CANDY

“ACTIVAO - ft. Megane Mercury” WAG1MAG, Mar 17th 2020. Photo: Eduardo Montes, Styling: Proborjativo - AFT-R: Alex DIVA

“FRATERNITY” METAL Magazine, MAR 23rd 2020. Photo: David Hauser, Styling: Judit Melis - AFT-R: Leo BLACKOUT & Alex CLUB, RAVE & DIVA

“After The Storm” Fuuucking Young!, Apr 4th 2020. Photo: Genis Mitjans, Styling: Samuel Puyol - AFT-R: Leo POSE, Alex DIVA & Sol CANDY

“Space Jam” WAG1MAG, Apr 10th 2020. Photo: Luis Ayora, Styling: Marcos Felipe - AFT-R: Sol BLACKOUT & Leo POSE & BLACKOUT

“What it is, What it was” Kluid Magazine, May 8th 2020. Photo: Beatriz Puppo, Stylist: Marina López Grande - AFT-R: Sol CANDY

“Ner, la nueva voz del neo soul más underground” NEO2 Online, Jun 22nd 2020. Photo: Iris Valles, Stylist: Sara Arroyo - AFT-R: Alex RAVE & Leo BLACKOUT

“Anna et Luna” i-D Magazine, Jul 14th 2020. Photo: David Mesa, Stylist: Oriol Robert - AFT-R: Alex POSE & DIVA

“A Love Story” Slippage Mag, Jul 19th 2020. Photo: Isaac Calpe, Styling: Apolonio - AFT-R: Alex CLUB, Leo BLACKOUT & Sol CANDY

“Behind The Music” WAG1MAG, Aug 14th 2020. Photo: Virgilio Gomez, Styling: Guillem Escoi - AFT-R: Sol BLACKOUT & Alex POSE & Sol CANDY

“NER, me inspiro en mis estados de ánimo...” VEIN Magazine, Aug 17th 2020. Photo: Fabrizio Colque, Styling: Sara Arroyo - AFT-R: Alex RAVE

“Breaking Away” CAP 74024, Aug 28th 2020. Photo: Lázaro Scabbia & Diego Eiza, Styling: Marc Leal - AFT-R: Alex CLUB

“The Other Side” Kluid Magazine, Sep 18th 2020. Photo: Jon Fernandez, Styling: Marcos Felipe - AFT-R: Alex DIVA, Sol CANDY & Leo CLUB

“Dual Beauty” Schön! Magazine, Oct 8th 2020. Photo: Isaac Calpe, Stylist: Oriol Robert - AFT-R: Alex CLUB

“The Labrynth” Schön! Magazine, Oct 19th 2020. Photo: Guille Sanchez, Stylist: Alex Montoya - AFT-R: Alex RAVE

“Le Mal Compris” VEIN Magazine, Nov 5th 2020. Photo: Vinyet Feliubadaló, Styling: Judith Casasus - AFT-R: Sol BLACKOUT & Leo BLACKOUT

“Cherry” SICKY Mag, Nov 18th 2020. Photo: Isaac Calpe, Styling: Oriol Robert - AFT-R: Sol BLACKOUT, Leo BLACKOUT & Alex POSE & DIVA

“I’m The One” Kaltbult Magazine, Nov 19th 2020. Photo: Alba Cantero, Styling: Arrate Ferech - AFT-R: Alex CLUB & Leo BLACKOUT

“Black Beauty” Pruna Mag, Nov 27th 2020. Photo: David Garcia, Stylist: Arrate Ferech - AFT-R: Sol BLACKOUT

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