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Press Clippings Year 2 Paper

“VERSO” SLIPPAGE Magazine Issue ONE, Feb 2021, Photo: Isaac Calpe, Stylist: Lara Zarco - AFT-R: Alex DIVA

“Put On Your Dancing Shoes” Dreamingless #57, Mar 20. Photo: Daniel Garo, Stylist: Bokokó - AFT-R: Alex DIVA

Magazine La Vanguardia, Mar 28th 2021. Photo: AFT-R Barcelona - AFT-R: Alex POSE

“Modern Love” Apollo Magazine, Número 29, Printemps 2021. Photo: Rasmus Mogensen, Stylist: Sylvie Clemente - AFT-R: Alex CLUB

CANDY Transversal #13, May 2021. Photo: Leon Mark, Stylist: Ruben Moreira - AFT-R: Alex DIVA, Alex POSE

RITO, May 2021. Photo: FÉMININfilms, Stylist: Eduardo Jairycovich - AFT-R: Alex DIVA, Alex POSE

“Buenos Tiempos para la Mala” cover story featuring La Mala Rodriguez El País Semanal, nº 2334, 20 Jun 2021. Photo: Raul Ruz, Stylist: Miguel Padial - AFT-R: Alex CLUB

“Pop Porn Collection” Le MILE #31, Pop Issue, Fall/Winter 2021/22. Photo: Anabel Luna, Stylist: Samuel Puyol - AFT-R: Sol BLACKOUT

CORRECT, Noir Essence Fall/Winter 2021-2022. Photo: Jose Martinez, Stylist: Apolonio - AFT-R: Sol BLACKOUT, Alex CLUB

“Mata-Hari” Roll Up #13, Nov 2021. Photo: Aitor Pardo Stylist: Yanka & Julia Bas - AFT-R: Sol CANDY

“DRICA” MOB Journal, Issue 07, Nov 2021. Photo: Neus Who, Stylist: Carmen Cadaval - AFT-R: Leo CLUB

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